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Guys, I’ve tried, believe me I did. But eating a girl’s pussy out just doesn’t do it for me. I mean, I like the sensation of getting between a woman’s legs. But when you’re actually between girls, while eating her out, there’s a slightly acidic taste that builds up. It’s like having a mouth full of copper pennies. I remember watching porno during my teens. Male porn actors kept saying how sweet pussy tasted. Rocco Sifted, you’re a bullshit artist! And you can eat shit as well Peter North! Ron Jeremy, dude, I’m disappointed in you.

All my damn idols lied to me.

The first pussy I ate was the first girl I dated in my hometown. It tasted anything but sweet. I was put off of it since then. But I did it anyways because I was pussy whipped. But at least she was a certified virgin. In Escorts in Boat Bason Karachi, there were only two instances I ate pussy, at the same occasion. It was on two super-hot Karachi girls my Karachi business partner at the time introduced me too.

They weren’t exactly your normal run-of-the-mill prostitutes. But hookers nonetheless. They were amazing. I enjoyed my time with them even when one both of them tasted like old leather boots. I made exceptions for them because, A) I was shit faced drunk and B) Holy shit were they HOT!!!

Don’t Treat Hookers like Girlfriends?

There’s something a lot of stupid knuckleheads do in Escorts in Defence Karachi. Doesn’t matter if they’re newbies or veterans. I think you’d agree, that if you saved up some of your hard earned cash to come all the way to Karachi land you’d want to have as much sex with as many prostitutes as your budget allows, right?  I hope you’re nodding your head in agreement.

Pakistani Call Girls

You’re not coming here just to have sex with one girl, right? Of course not!

I’m not suggesting anyone mistreat a lady. No one should. But if you treat them like they’re your soulmate, that’s exactly what you’ll GET! You’ve just unintentionally locked yourself to a ball and chain.

There are too many men today that are way too super-sensitive for their own good and sanity. They cross the line with prostitutes by exclaiming how beautiful they are. How Escorts in Kiamari Town Kara they are and worst of all, tell them how much they love them!

Whatever you do, don’t ever cross that line. Focus on your original plan. You’ll have more fun that way!

Don’t Go Where You’re Not Welcome

I tell people that I’m the Indiana Jones of pussy. One of the perks of being single and STD-free is that I can enjoy wandering around the world having Escorts in Jamshed Town Karachi. But where ever I go, I always stick to places where foreigners are mostly allowed to pay for sex with local women.

Local Karachi guys have places to mess around with prostitutes also. I made a mistake of suggesting to an acquaintance about a local Karachi place they could go on their own if they felt adventurous. I thought why not. He said he could handle himself speaking Karachi and I took his word for it.


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